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Fix SAVETO  - شراء Fix SAVETO، تكلفة ، صور Fix SAVETO، من إSaveto - Egypt. الخلائط الجافة البناء على مصر
    Fix SAVETO  - شراء Fix SAVETO، تكلفة ، صور Fix SAVETO، من إSaveto - Egypt. الخلائط الجافة البناء على مصر
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    Fix SAVETO  - شراء Fix SAVETO، تكلفة ، صور Fix SAVETO، من إSaveto - Egypt. الخلائط الجافة البناء على مصر
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    قاسم   ID: 15038:114243
    شراء Fix SAVETO
     اسم العلامة التجاريةSAVETO Fix
    بلد المنشامصر
     التعبئة والتغليفAvailable in 25 & 20 & 5 kg bags

    SAVETO Fix is high quality cement based premixed dry set mortar for fixing porous and non-porous ceramic tiles on all concrete surfaces, fair face concrete, plaster, block walls, glazed and non-glazed ceramic tiles, all types of cement putties and gypsum boards.


    SAVETO Fix consists of selected crushed limestone mixed with graded sand maximum grain size 1.2 mm. and special additives to improve consistency, workability and adhesion to all types of substrates.


    SAVETO Fix is formulated to comply with ANSI 118.1 and European standards EN 12004.


    The product is available in grey color.


    Available in 25 & 20 & 5 kg bags



    • High quality control system for raw material selection and testing products.
    • Exact mixing ratios (scales and weighing process) with controlled mixing method.
    • Economic, fast and easy to use (mix & apply), only addition of water is required.
    • Excellent bonding, crack free, high resistance to water and extreme weather conditions.
    • It is suitable for dry and wet areas, internally and externally.
    • Can be used on ceramic tiles.
    • Non shrinkage mortar
    Technical Data
    • Binder
      Portland Cement               ASTM   C150
    • Density
      1.4 kg / liter
    • Water Addition 
      6 - 7 liters /20 kg. bag
    • Pot life (24oC)
      Approx. 2 hrs
    • Open time 
      25 – 30 minutes (Depending on weather 
    • Flexural Strength
      > 40 Kg / cm2                   (after 28 days)
    • Compressive Strengt
      > 200 Kg / cm2                 (after 28 days)
    • Pull Off Test
      > 12 Kg / cm2                   (after 28 days)
    • Shear Strength 
      > 20 Kg / cm2                   (after 28 days)

    Coat Thickness
    Typically (3 – 10) mm
    Depending on type and size of ceramic tiles and quality of surfaces

    (5 -6) m2 /3 mm thickness / 20 kg bag
    Coverage rate is varying depending on the surface condition.


    Application Procedures

    • Remove dust, oil, grease, loose materials & paints which may affect adhesion with the substrate.
    • Moisten the surface with clean water before application.
    • Put 6 - 7 liters of clean water in a suitable pot, then add one bag of SAVETO Fix gradually and mix for 3 minutes using a mechanical mixer till the mixture is uniform and free of lumps.
    • Let the composition stand for about 10 minutes and mix again.
    • The product now is ready for application manually (Trowel).
    • The joints between tiles can be filled with SAVETO Grout.
    • If the mortar in the pot starts to harden, do not add extra water; just remix till it turns back to the desired consistency.


    • Tools and equipments shall be washed and cleaned with water directly after use.
    • Fresh mortar can be removed with water, but once hardened only mechanical removal is possible.

    Storage life

    12 months from the date of manufacture under proper shaded storage place away from moisture

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