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 SAVETO W.P. 1045   - شراء  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، تكلفة ، صور  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، من إSaveto - Egypt. مركب صامد الماء على مصر
     SAVETO W.P. 1045   - شراء  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، تكلفة ، صور  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، من إSaveto - Egypt. مركب صامد الماء على مصر
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     SAVETO W.P. 1045   - شراء  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، تكلفة ، صور  SAVETO W.P. 1045 ، من إSaveto - Egypt. مركب صامد الماء على مصر
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    شراء  SAVETO W.P. 1045
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    SAVETO W.P.1045

    Flexible Protective, Acrylic Modified Cement – Base Waterproof Coating


    SAVETO W.P.1045 is a two component acrylic modified cementitious coating that requires only on set mixing forming the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction surfaces. It is used where positive or negative water pressure exsits.



    • Reface and even out variations in concrete surfaces.
    • As a waterproofing lining for water tanks and swimming pools.
    • As a waterproofing lining for water retaining structure.
    • Coating seawater channels.
    • Sealing and coating tie bar holes to ensure water tightness.
    • Waterproofing & protection against brackish water to provide foundation protection.
    • Waterproof coating for roofs.



       The product is available in grey color.



    Available in two components: (A) liquid        5 Liters

                                               (B) Powder    15 K.g.


    • High quality control system for raw material selection and testing products.
    • Exact mixing ratios (scales and weighing process) with controlled mixing method.
    • Excellent adhesion, bonds to porous and non- porous surface.
    • Flexible, high resistance to carbon dioxide and chloride on diffusion.
    • Outstanding wear and weather resistance and good chemical resistance to gasoline, diesel oil spillages, sodium hydroxide, calcium chloride.

     Technical Data

    • Binder                            Portland Cement               ASTM   C150
    • Pot life(24oC)                Approx. 1 hrs
    • Mix Density                     1.25 kg / liter            


    Coat Thickness

       Typically minimum 2 mm thickness on 2 coats.



       8 m2/ 2mm thickness / mixed components    

       Coverage is influenced by roughness of the substrate.


    Application Procedures

    • Substrate to be treated must be completely clean, structurally sound and mechanically keyed.
    • Remove all substrate coatings, defective renders, foreign matter, formwork treatment and other contaminate that may affect the bond adversely.
    • Substrates should be prepared by abrasive blasting or high pressure water treatment, don’t use aggressive method.
    • All mortar joints to be flush-pointed and repair active leaks with suitable concrete repair product.
    • Moisten the surface with clean water before application.
    • Put the liquid (Component A) in a suitable pot, then slowly add the powder (component B) to the liquid + (0.5-1.0 liter) of water and mix using slow speed drill fitted with suitable paddle.
    • The product now is ready for application either by BRUSH or ROLLER.
    • Suitable brush will be 6 inches with nylon bristles.
    • First Coat: Apply the first coat of SAVETO W.P.1045 at minimum thickness 1 mm by brush.                                                                                                                                                        
    • Spread the mix firmly onto the pre-dampened prepared substrate by brush.                                                                                                                                                      
    • Don’t spread the material too thinly.
    • When the material is coming to drag don’t add more water.
    • Allow at least an overnight cure before applying a second coat.
    • Second Coat: Dampen the first coat and remove excess moisture.
    • Brush the second coat of SAVETO W.P.1045 at minimum thickness of 1 mm onto the substrate and finish at right angle to the previous coat.
    • Don’t mix more material than can be used in one hour.
    • If the mortar in the pot starts to harden, don’t add extra water.
    • Don’t apply   SAVETO W.P.1045 to frozen substrate or below 5 degree.
    • Avoid application in direct sunlight.
    • Don’t apply   SAVETO W.P.1045 on moving structural elements.


    Safety Instructions

    • Ecology: Do not dispose of into water or soil, but according to local regulation in cured state the product is not known to cause an adverse environmental effect. Because of the high ph value the product can be injurious to aquatic life.
    • Safety precaution: wear gloves & goggles, in case of contact with eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical services.
    • Toxicity: Non toxic under relevant health and safety codes


    Storage life

        12 months from the date of manufacture under proper shaded storage place away from moisture.

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